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I began my Counselling Degree at Queens University in 2006. I have also trained in many different aspects of alternative therapies. My degree incorporated many forms of therapy including-

- Person-Centred counselling

- Cognitive Behavioural therapy

- Psychodynamic therapy

- Mindfulness

All of the above contained different aspects of counselling such as bereavement, childhood trauma, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety and the many different forms all of these issues can take on an individual, never assume people react in the same way to any trauma is my mantra. After my first assessment I will work closely with my client to decide on the best form of therapy for them and decide the way forward together.

I have had a passion for helping others my entire life and began counselling in 2010. My own past has only served to deepen my desire to help as I can deeply empathise with  those who need it most. I believe that no one should suffer in silence and I work hard to try and guide clients to their own answers.  When someone feels lost they then become confused and this is a very lonely place to be. I base my work on clearing the mist and helping clients find the answers.

Bridge Over River

Often we can feel like we are prisoners of our own mind, slaves to our own thoughts and feelings with nowhere to turn to.

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